1. No fees or purchase necessary to participate.
  2. You must subscribe with valid information (mobile phone account validation via text, full name, city, etc).Note: If you do not enter a valid phone number or email address, you will not be able to claim your prize.
  3. To participate, you must be a resident of the United States (including Puerto Rico) or the Dominican Republic (it does not matter if you are a foreigner, you must be a legal resident of the United States or the Dominican Republic), and be at least 18 years of age. If you are a minor, you may be able to participate, but if you win a prize, you must have your parents' or legal guardian's written authorization, and you must have the ability to travel with your legal guardian to claim the prize.
  4. Build your own profile on Viral Republic, then upload up to 50 combined posts (up to 6 videos and up to 44 photos). Each video, may not last more than 60 seconds. Once the content is uploaded, it will be validated and approved by Viral Republic prior to publication. Once the photos and videos are published, the contestant can share their photos and videos from to their social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp) so that all their friends and family on social media can vote. Note: Only the videos showing real talent are most likely to reach the highest score PER USER, to win a prize. Only the video with the highest score will be eligible for a winning position; under no circumstances will a user win 2 prizes at the same time in a contest.
  5. The most important rule of the competition is that each video or photo that is placed in Viral Republic must CLEARLY show the contestant's face. If a winning video or photo shows another person(s) along with the primary contestant, the contestant must be accompanied by the other person(s) that appear(s) in the video in order to claim the prize. Note: You must upload original content. No plagiarism will be allowed on Viral Republic. Existing videos, photos or art previously published by others may not be entered into Viral Republic contests unless you can prove you are the originator of the content, and/or you can produce documentation that you are authorized to use such content. Logos, advertising messages or promotional content (of any kind) will be automatically rejected by Viral Republic.
  6. The score for each photo or video will be from 1 to 10. Ex: If a user gives you 7 points and another gives you 5, you will automatically get 12 points.
  7. Prizes: In this special Viral Republic contest focused on dance, two (2) talented dancers (one male and one female) will be chosen to appear in the official music video for Shine, a Hollywood movie production that will be released in August 2018 in the United States. The song, "Alza tu Bandera", was written by Keblin X, and is the main theme song for Shine, the movie. The contest will last 19 days, from Tuesday, April 17 until Saturday, May 5. The male and female dancers with the highest scores will be cast to perform in the music video for Alza tu Bandera. Our contest winners will have the opportunity to dance side by side with 8 professional Latin dancers from the USA, and with Danny Lugo, the choreographer who choreographed Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's Despacito music video.
  8. The duration of the April 2018 Viral Republic Dance contest will be 19 days, from Tuesday, April 17, 2018 until Saturday, May 5, 2018. After the competition is complete, Viral Republic will publish and contact the winning participants. Rehearsals will be held on May 9, 2018 in Santo Domingo, in a location to be determined. The filming for the music video will take place on May 10, 2018 also in Santo Domingo.
  9. Viral Republic publishes the top 20 scores in real time at Note: Viral Republic has 3 professional judges, including Danny Lugo, the music video's choreographer, who also choreographed Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's worldwide megahit "Despacito."

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Viral Republic has 3 professional judges of American origin, an expert in extreme sports, another expert in music and the last expert in special effects and Photoshop.