• What kind of photos or videos should I upload in Viral Republic in order to participate?

    Anyone who has talent such as: Singing, dancing, comedian, extreme sports, or any attractive content, you can participate. The public photos must also be viral photos, with attractive content for netizens.(Note: The photos or videos must clearly show the face of the participant, otherwise its content will not be valid in the contest). For more information, visit our social networks so you can see some examples of photos or videos.

    Some examples of content for Viral Republic:


    Viral Photos

  • If I have many followers on my social networks, can I send them my photos or videos so that they can vote for me and get a higher score?

    The answer is yes, you can, the only thing is that if you generate many points and your content the judges consider that it is not a sufficiently attractive or viral content for the points obtained, the judges of Viral Republic will be able to send you a message in advance, explaining that your content is not viral enough for the points obtained. This will give you time to improve your content and continue participating.

    (Note: Not only you win by the highest score, but the photos or videos that are placed must have a creative and viral content). Viral Republic has 3 online judges residing in California U.S.A. and will be 100% pending to all publications that are placed in Viral Republic.

  • Why should I believe in the judges of Viral Republic if I do not know them or can not see them?

    That's the best part, our judges are in California U.S.A. and they do not know anyone in the Dominican Republic, so there is no kind of collusion with any of the netizens. Apart they are qualified judges in different subjects:

    1. Tormenta Viral: Specialized in extreme sports. (Tormenta Viral @ Facebook)
    2. Shaza Zem: Specialized in dance and singing. (Shaza Zem @ Facebook)
    3. John Mode: Advertiser specializing in special effects, creativity and Photoshop. John Mode @ Facebook).

  • Why can I only place 56 posts on my Viral Republic profile?

    Viral Republic is not a social network, it is a page dedicated to people who have talent or creativity, who want to make themselves known quickly in their country of origin. Viral Republic is the only website in the world, dedicated to national talent,

    In Viral Republic you can place a profile picture, 6 videos of 60 seconds and 50 photos.

  • What happens if I post a photo or video, where another person appears, but I was the one who recorded the video or threw the photo?

    In case that happens and you win some prize, you must take the person that appears in your placement to claim the prize, otherwise the prize will pass to the next participant with the highest score.

  • Can you use special effects, photoshop to make the photos or videos?

    Yes you can, as long as the participant's face is clear.

  • What happens if at the end of the contest I'm left with the same score (draw) with another cybernaut?

    In case that happens, the system will automatically remain active, only with those 2 competitors for the next 24 hours until a tie break occurs.

  • If one of my placements is a winner in the contest, can I use that same placement in another future Viral Republic competition?

    The answer is no, you can not. The same user may participate in the next competition, but with a different content, nothing similar to the winning content.

  • Why does not Viral Republic give away cash?

    The idea from the beginning of Viral Republic has been to collaborate with useful prizes that last for the winners such as: Computers, smartphones, tablets, televisions, among others.

  • Can I participate in Viral Republic if I live in another country?

    To participate in Viral Republic, you must reside in the Dominican Republic with a valid address. If you are a foreigner and reside in R.D. You can also participate.

  • How can I acquire my prize in case I am a winner?

    After the contest is over, a representative of Viral Republic will communicate by phone or via e-mail with you, so that they can coordinate the day they can go to find their prize. In addition, the winners will be placed in Viral Republic and all their social networks the day after the end of the contest. All prizes will be delivered in the city of Santo Domingo, R.D.

  • Can a participant win 2 prizes at the same time?

    The answer is no, only one photo or one video per profile can be the winner.

  • Can I create a profile in Viral Republic even if I do not participate in the contest?

    Yes you can, if you are not subscribed in Viral Republic, you can browse and see all its content, but you can only give one (1) point to your preferred participants. Only Viral Republic subscribers can give you the highest score (10 points) to your favorite photos or videos.

  • Do I have to pay to participate in Viral Republic?

    ViralRepublic.com is totally free, this concept was developed thinking about people who have talent in something specific, and who want to overcome quickly, and can become viral stars in social networks in their country of origin.


Placement of photos and videos:

Viral Republic has a staff that will review all the content before it is published. So that your photo or video is not declined, its content should not have any kind of:

1- Back or logo
2- Political propaganda
3- Religious content
4- Content of violence
5- Sexual content

For any question send them by email to info@viralrepublic.com.