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  • October 20, 2017 presents website

    In the midst of a magical atmosphere in which the joy and enthusiasm gripped those present, the founder and president of Viral Repú Florent Saint-Clair offered a cocktail to present the website, the first and only platform at the level world dedicated to the search of talents in different areas of art.

    During the Florent Saint-Clair activity, I give a few words in which he highlighted, the support that from that platform will be given to the talent of all the young people of the world, and that their presentation in the country is due to the reception they have received. given since he visited it for the first time.

    He said he's a kind of American Idol, but online and on social media; and that they created a system in which each participant with talent, and at the same time with a good score, wins extraordinary prizes.

    Source: Listin Diario