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  • October 14, 2017
    Viral Republic awards first contest prizes

    "It's a special night, the awards ceremony of the first ViralRepublic contest, new place to look for talent whether in dance, singing, comedy, extreme sports, everything good, the most important thing is that you have talent," said Floreint Saint-Clair

    Saint-Clair, founder and president of Viral Republic, web platform born in Silicon Valley, California, has a team of more than 15 people, including software engineers, creative and web security experts; but decided to launch the page in the Dominican Republic, a country that was seen more than 10 years ago, impressed by its beautiful landscapes and the hospitality of its people.

    When talking about the contest he said that the most important thing is that the participants are talents, since they can have many points or followers, but if they do not have capacity, competitiveness and a lot of potential or talent, they will not win.

    In the event held at the Taboo Bamboo restaurant, Saint-Clair explained that the winners will make a musical production that will be sold online at Itunes and the benefits will be to support Mexico and Puerto Rico, "a video of the Dominican talent supporting other countries that they need help".

    On the decision to carry out this type of events, Saínt Clair said that in addition to working with medical images that he is very interested in, he is also a musician and felt that something was missing, so uniting these interests is important for him.

    "Technology, art and social networks are important to me, putting everything together allows me to live my dreams of music and technology," he said. debuted on 1st. September with an audience of more than 15,736 impressions on its first day of opening and with a total of more than 1,500 users and approximately 500 contestants.

    This virtual platform will be launched in 2018 in the United States, Asia and South America. In the month of December the next contest will take place in the Dominican Republic.

    Floreint Saint-Clair

    Floreint Saint-Clair was born and educated in France. He is an entrepreneur and resides in Silicon Vallery, California.

    For more than 25 years he worked in the healthcare technology area and is currently Executive Vice President of Dicom Systems (, a health information technology company focused on corporate imaging solutions for hospitals and telemedicine.

    He is director of WinguMD, a company based in Stanford Healthcare, focused on virtual collaboration in real time for medical professionals.

    Source: Tu Sol del Caribe