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  • October 05, 2017
    They will present at RD Viral Republic, a global platform dedicated to attracting artistic talent

    Santo Domingo, R.D.-The Dominican Republic was chosen to present the virtual competition page Viral Republic, the first and only global platform dedicated to attracting talent created by the American entrepreneur Florent Saint-Clair, an expert in the development of technological tools.

    The launch of the technological tool through which people can give free rein to their talent, creativity and imagination, whether in singing, dancing, comedy, extreme sports or any other entertainment and winning great prizes will be held on Friday 13 of this October during a cocktail at the Taboo Bamboo restaurant, in this capital.

    Floreint-Clair explained that the operation of the platform consists of uploading videos to ViralRepúblic through its "share" system and from there sharing it directly in its different networks, with the aim that users, family and friends who visit the web can help them reach points and, in that way win big prizes. "Hence, participants frequently visit the digital platform in order to see if their score has increased."

    He explained that they developed a system through which each talented participant, and at the same time with a good score can win extraordinary prizes with the mere fact of giving "likes".

    They also created a system called Top 20, where netizens can see, in real time, who are the 20 contestants with the highest score until the last moment. This will take the netizens to strive to make their video even more viral, to try to reach the first place.

    Floren explained that in addition to looking for talent, Viral Republic can develop a series of ideas, including developing all kinds of promotional contest.

    They work in the production of music videos for victims of the Earthquake in Mexico and Hurricane Maria that hit Puerto Rico.

    He indicated that artists who did not know each other until a month ago, of communities from all over the Dominican Republic, will be working together in solidarity with other Latino communities, which are going through difficult times due to recent natural disasters such as the earthquake in Mexico and Hurricane Maria that hit Puerto Rico.

    "The music video will create possibilities for new talented artists to be developed, promoted and discovered, using the power of the Internet to take advantage of a virtual community of followers, and for a good purpose: to help others."

    Viral Republic Team debuted on September 1 with an audience of more than 15,736 impressions for its first day of opening and with a total of more than 1,500 users and approximately 500 contestants.

    Florent Saint-Clair, founder and president of Viral Republic, explained that before the day of the opening, he was surprised with the more than 1,500 visits made by Dominican netizens. The month of September of Viral Republic concluded with an exact total of 73,750 impressions.

    Viral Repúblic, was born in Silicon Valery, California, and has a team of more than 15 people, including software engineers, creative, publicitas experts in web security.

    This virtual platform will be launched in 2018 in the United States, Asia and South America. In the month of December the next contest will take place in the Dominican Republic.

    Source: Luminarias TV