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  • October 27, 2017
    New platform in search of talents

    Many young people have the great dream of becoming stars of music, dance, plastic arts, etc., but they have not found that space that allows them to show their talent, so that the greats of the industry give them an opportunity.

    So that they can show their skills, came the Viral Republic website, a worldwide platform dedicated to finding different kinds of talents.

    Florent Saint-Clair, founder and president of Viral Republic, during an interview with Qué Pasa! He explained that "I wanted to create a platform to develop the talent of young people who can sing, dance, do extreme sports, paint, comedy.

    This platform allows someone to use their social networks for something productive.

    This a talent contest, is like American Idol or The X Factor, but on the internet. The idea is to carry something positive through social networks".

    The executive also noted that Florent explains that Viral Republic is not just a website to search for talent, because the ideas that can be made are incalculable to develop any type of contests or promotions.

    He said that beyond the competition, Viral Republic will be producing a music video with the collaboration of some of the best talented artists of the first and second competition that the platform will carry out in the country.

    Source: El Nacional