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  • August 07, 2017
    New virtual platform launched "ViralRepublic.com"

    They launch new virtual platform "ViralRepublic.com"

    A new platform to upload photos and videos through which users can win prizes has been released to the market for free.

    This is "ViralRepublic.com", which according to its creators, is a new concept aimed at talented people.

    Then the full text sent to Ultimasnoticias.com.do:


    A concept created for those people who have talent and want to demonstrate it in a unique platform, dedicated to the national talent of each country.


    Florent Saint-Clair, founder and manager of Viral Republic, has been promoting technology companies in Silicon Valley, CA for more than 25 years, this time his new adventure Viral Republic, a new and advanced virtual platform of competition, where free of charge, Dominicans will be able to upload their photos and videos, and show their talent, and at the same time win great prizes.

    For many years, Florent has traveled all over the world and has observed how billions of people upload inclement videos to different social networks, without obtaining anything that is not a liking (Like).

    Viral Republic is a new factor that harnesses the power of social networks to benefit people.


    To compete, cybernauts will only use their smartphones to create their profile, upload their photos and videos, then 3 judges of Viral Republic will examine the content of each user, before being placed on the platform. For a month, cybernauts will be able to invite their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram friends and family to visitViralRepublic.com to vote for them. The people with the most points at the end of the month win.


    Florent, has more than 10 years visiting R.D. and he has been surprised with the culture and talent of the Dominicans. He has also realized that it is almost impossible for many young people of R.D. Acquire smart phones, computers, tablets, etc. .. for the high cost of these items. These mentioned articles are part of the prizes that ViralRepublic.com will be giving to help develop the talented young Dominicans.


    Among the 10 prizes that will be presented at Viral Republic are:

    1-A trip for 2 people round trip, for 4 days and 3 nights to the city of New York by United Airlines, with an ode at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in the Time Square area. Note: in case of not being able to travel, the prize can be transferred to other people, making a letter in writing.

    2-A Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

    3-A Microsoft Surface Pro laptop computer

    4-Computer ChromeBook Flip

    5-Ipad Mini 4

    In 2018, Viral Republic will be making its debut, in U.S.A, Asia, South America, among others.

    On August 15/2017, Viral Republic will not only change the concept of putting photos and videos, but it will give many people the opportunity to demonstrate their talent and at the same time achieve their dreams of becoming a virtual idol of social networks.

    If you need any additional information, you can visit ViralRepublic.com or contact us directly

    Source: Últimas Noticias